Business Acceleration

“Upon reflection, it is not at all surprising that incumbent management is the least likely origin of turnaround recognition.  Turnaround situations are only extremely rarely thrust upon firms by outside, uncontrollable forces.  Almost without exception, turnaround situations arise because of management’s incompetence, ineptness, carelessness, ego, and/or inexperience.  It is simply too much to ask or expect incumbent management to be objective in evaluations of past performance and near-term likely performance when they are the very same people who, by mismanagement, allowed the firm’s financial health to deteriorate in the first place.”
— Richard S. Sloma, The Turnaround Manager’s Handbook, (New York: The Free Press, 1985) 13

First, while the quoted material refers to “turnaround” situations in business you should be aware that what has for years been termed a turnaround is now, perhaps to ease the pain, referred to as “business acceleration.” Granted it may well be that the use of business acceleration as a euphemism for turnaround does something to lessen the stigma of having to correct the course an organization has achieved through numerous unwise decisions. Or, perhaps, allowing for ‘rare occasions,’ they are the victim of circumstances well-beyond their control.

Secondly, it is confessing that those mostly responsible for producing the results that have put the organization in its current predicament are very unlikely going to be the ones who shout…help! With this understanding, it is imperative that those who are fully capable of coming to terms with the current matters, and now have the authority to do so (perhaps a majority shareholder, a major lender, or a very close associate of the firm’s owner) take decisive action to enlist the services of those who can change a situation that is going to be, most likely, disastrous.

If you, upon close examination of your business performance, recognize that the organization is falling dramatically short of its’ goals of profit, market share, product development and even achieving an overall corporate strategy, then we encourage you to contact HeinSight…before the fact!™…today! Our team of business professionals have decades of experience in every functional area of business that will be critical to the future success and acceleration (turnaround) of your firm. We will quickly access the status of your firm, and offer recommended corrective actions that will leverage those positive results you have produced, while eliminating those items we identify as contributing to the less-than-desired performance of your firm.

Based on our experience, most negative business conditions only get worse with the passage of time, so, do not postpone your call to HeinSight…before the fact!™

“True decision making, by its nature, in combat and elsewhere consists in determining a line of action when choices are equally difficult.”
— Brigadier General S.L.A. Marshall, U.S. Army

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