Leadership Development

“You can only govern men by serving them.  The rule is without exception.”
— Victor Cousin

Of all the factors that contribute to the success or failure of every leader, from our perspective at HeinSight…before the fact!™ at the very foundation of effective leadership, it is the condition of the leader’s heart that has the greatest impact.  It is a fact proven throughout history that those who possess a servant’s heart will produce the greatest results and hold the most potential for developing generations of servant-leaders to come.
It is not uncommon for those who do not fully embrace this belief to raise issues like:

    Familiarity produces a lack of respect,

    Heart-based leaders make weak choices,

    The performance standards in ‘heart-based’ organizations are too flexible,

While each of the listed results do occur, none of them are the singular result of applying the leadership tenet of being a servant-leader.  They are, almost without exception, the result of many other contributing variables that are present in the organization and must be addressed, even if the leadership were to adopt servant-leader behaviors.

Robert K. Greenleaf, first formulated and advanced the idea of servant leadership in his classic work, Servant Leadership.  It is from Mr. Greenleaf, and others, that we have built our leadership development strategies and programs and have used them to mold the skills and abilities of numerous leaders over the past three decades.  As an example, from Mr. Greenleaf’s precepts of servant leadership we advocate, as he did:

    Put service before self-interest.

    Listen first to affirm others.

    Inspire trust by being trustworthy.

    Nourish others and help them become whole.

If you recognize a need to advance your leadership skills and abilities, as well as those of your key managers and staff, we would welcome an opportunity to serve you as your trusted guide and facilitator to producing stronger and longer lasting relationships with the ones you desire to lead.

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