Strategic Management

“No one is either rich or poor who has not helped himself to be so.”
— German Proverb

Perhaps nothing is more prescriptive for failure than the act of not allowing sufficient time for planning or, to treat planning as a singular event.  As both proverbs succinctly capture, with respect to operating a business, most businesses reap the rewards brought about through wise planning or, they suffer the consequences of foolishly charging ahead without giving consideration to potential outcomes or seeking the insight of wise counsel.

We invite you to consider the following questions, in light of the above:

  Do you spend more time doing things, then planning and evaluating the “right things” to do?

  Do you consider the future to be this week?  Next week?  Next month? Next year?  In other words, what is your strategic planning horizon?

  How do you differentiate between strategic choices and tactical choices?

  If things change (and, you better believe they will) will your contingency planning allow your company to leverage what you have accomplished to-date?

  Are you and your organization prepared to honestly address the preceding questions and, then to take immediate steps to change in order to experience more desirable outcomes?

Strategic planning is a complex set of behaviors, principles, and requirements that, if left to amateurs and those given to focus on expediency and the shortest route will, most often, produce less-than-desired results for the organization and its stakeholders.  While this is not necessarily the view of those who are given to implementing “quickie-solutions” for challenging matters, they often come to a new position as they continue to experience numerous failures and unwise expenditures of precious, limited resources.

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“A wise man thinks ahead; a fool doesn’t, and even brags about it!”
— Proverbs 13: 16 Living Bible

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