What others have said about the founder of 2020HeinSight…

“I have always felt that Ken had the best organizational skills and discipline of any of the people I have worked with.”

— R. McKnight, President, The Ceres Group, Kansas City

“It is very refreshing to see someone who is able to manage and develop people in the manner Ken does…”

— Ralph Stewart, Senior Marketing Manager, Hallmark Cards, Inc., Kansas City

“…talent and skills such as leadership, strategic and creative thinking, and communication ability have enabled him (Ken) to execute effectively in any challenging environment.”

— David A. Koontz, former Vice President of Marketing, Samsonite Corp., Denver

“…made the most significant contributions to our projects and obviously knows the marketing territory.”

— Robert E. Kaffer, Director of Marketing, Regis College, Denver

“Among Ken’s greatest strengths are his analytical approach, his thoroughness, his attention to detail and his concern for delivering absolutely the best quality work.  A delight to work with…in group situations, providing leadership without pushiness.”

— Wayne Powell, CEO, The Customer Connection, Los Angeles

“…I found Mr. Hein to be extremely knowledgeable about the sales of products and services…impeccably organized, absolutely reliable and diligent beyond anyone’s reasonable expectation.  …a very creative thinker and very strong analytically.”

— Wm. Patrick Nichols, formerly with PriceWaterhouse, Dallas

“…an excellent communicator of superior intelligence, forthright, knowledgeable about people, a top-notch leader, and one of the best sales people ever evaluated.”

— H. Steve Asbell, Ph. D., Dolginoff Management Associates, Kansas City

“…thank you for an excellent presentation…well received and thoroughly appreciated.”

— Donald J. Hall, Chairman of the Board, Hallmark Cards, Inc., Kansas City

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